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Customer service and sales automation

We’re providing tailored, scalable solutions for distributed Customer Service and Sales Teams!

Thanks to our experience, you can create from scratch a unique Customer Journey for your clients.

We assist businesses

We put in place tools to improve customer service and manage customer relationships. We provide professional CRM systems such as Zendesk and Pipedrive, among others.

We assist businesses in selecting solutions and then carry out efficient and trouble-free implementations of the chosen tools.

We are still here to help you after the implementation. We support employees in resolving technical and substantive issues in Polish, and English language.

If you want:

Comprehensively create and monitor a unique Customer Journey.
Empower your Customer Service Team to provide the best Customer Experience
Deliver intuitive and simple solutions for your Sales Team
Boost your Customer Service and Sales Processes
Build advanced analytics based on your specialized Teams progress
Automate Customer Journey process in your organization
Build an internal knowledge base for your employees
Painless scaling
You need OMS!

How can we help you

The first step, which is crucial on the way to implementing a new tool, is to get to know the needs of the organization and to analyze the current workflow.

As a partner we are able to assess which tools and in what package will most effectively support your business.

Working with a partner during the platform implementation phase allows for a smooth transition of the process.

At OMS we have specialists who will migrate the data so that all the information, current and historical, is in one tool.

Alongside our standard implementation service, we craft and provide integrations with other systems functioning within your organization.

This enables you to unlock even greater value from our solutions. We will efficiently gather valuable data and integrate it into a crucial system for your convenience.

The key to success is not the tool itself, but also knowing how to use it. Partner will conduct training on its use among employees and training for administrators.

Thanks to that, the team will know how to use the tool to its full potential.

Our specialists are available throughout the working week, during Polish business hours - the hours that most of our customers work.

We provide technical and content-related support and substantive support in Polish or English.

OMS can invoice you for the use of the tool in PLN, USD or EUR.

This is a great convenience for companies that want to settle in the local currency.


To customer service

Zendesk is a cutting-edge customer service platform. It allows for multiple channels of communication with the client. It helps to solve customer problems quickly. It increases the quality of service.

You can track customer activities with Zendesk. It has numerous modules and functionalities that make communication easier.
It is also an analytics tool. It generates ready-made reports and allows you to create your lists and analyses.
Zendesk works well with other systems and applications. An integrated platform with proprietary tools is very simple.
More on Zendesk
Zrzut ekranu aplikacji Zoho Messenger z integracją Zendesk
Zrzut ekranu pulpitu nawigacyjnego aplikacji Pipedrive
100 000
sales teams have chosen Pipedrive

For sales teams

Pipedrive is a comprehensive CRM and one of the best sales support tools on the market. It was designed with small and medium-sized businesses in mind, but its innovative features will be useful in any company.

Pipedrive is a sales organization tool. It assists in the establishment of priorities, the tracking of results, the forecasting of revenues, and the development of positive relationships with the company's clients.
Pipedrive users, on average, close 28% more deals after the first year of using the tool.
It is used in 179 countries. Pipedrive has already been selected as the best CRM system by over 100,000 sales teams.
 More about Pipedrive

What do you gain by working with us?

Learn about the advantages of customer service automation. Determine which tools and features are appropriate for your company. Make an appointment now!

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We offer complete process automatization. It is a method of optimizing, reducing operating costs, and increasing efficiency.


Our solutions provide you with complete control over the customer service process, ensuring responsiveness, personalized responses, and a positive customer experience.


More than 200 companies from various industries have already trusted us. Customers using our services achieve spectacular results, e.g.: an increase in sales by 40% and a reduction of service time by 30%.


Our innovative tools for advanced data analysis will provide you with valuable information. Based on verified data, they will allow for strategic business decisions and the improvement of customer service processes.


Our customers

Zendesk enabled us to organize our communication, which has had a positive impact on the team and clients alike. The tool is simple to use, and if there occur any difficulties - which happens rather rarely, we can always count on the support of Fly On The Cloud.

Daniel Martyn, Project manager at ONe

People are a big plus of working with Fly On The Cloud. The team is open to our questions and inquiries, communication is smooth, FOTC/OMS specialists take the initiative themselves.

Łukasz Rozwora, Shift manager w CCIG

I rate the cooperation with Fly On The Cloud very positively. The possibility of direct telephone communication with our supervisor, quick response to e-mails by technical persons - all this is a big plus.

Oskar Malina, Customer Services Director w XTRF

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